We have the opportunity due to our latest flashers that we have to succesfully remap the latest 1.6TDi engines of VW group with the Delphi DCM 6.2 We tuned some of them out of our dynoroom but few days ago we had the opportunity to have a Golf VII 1.6TDi bluemotion to make some RnD and tune
Ferrari 360 on dyno

Ferrari 360 F1 Stage 2 98RON

This Ferrari 360 has upgraded its exhaust system with the one from the Stradale version. This improves the tunability of the model. It makes it possible to have significant performance gains at both mid and high rpm with a remap.   Remap features Improved fuelling to enabled earlier torque Improved ignition Throttle off exhaust pop
Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 + Etuners custom ECU remap + Heffner Turbo kit More horsepower for the Gallardo! The Heffner turbo kit for the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 is a bolt-on upgrade for a completely stock engine. Boosting 0.4bars, it adds almost 40% more power to this supercar without any piston/connecting rod upgrades. More information on the

Mercedes SL63 AMG – Stage 1 98RON

  One of our favourite engines to tune and hear roar in the dyno room: the 6.2L V8 from AMG. A few days ago we had the pleasure to tune this handmade engine in a Mercedes SL63 AMG with an Etuners Stage 1 on 98RON fuel. The car came bone stock and produced 466hp and  550Nm of
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BMW F30 316i – Stage 1 98 RON

It was about time for the BMW to get back into the game of the luxurius and sport sedans. At last the very well known 3-series became turbo in it’s gasoline engines in the whole range from the 316i to the M3. The 3-series starts from the 136hp in the 316i model equipped with the
What is going to happen if we install a turbo kit in the famous 3.2L R32 VW/Audi engine? As Jeremy Clarkson used to say in TopGear , “Powerrrrrr!” Almost the double power came out of this engine with a stock engine block but upgraded connecting rod bolts. To be more precise if we install a good
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Here we have the most complete stock turbo – stock engine Mini Cooper S R56 Stage 2+ for 98Ron pump fuel…. The power is very good, the powerband is even better and the the driveability of the car is amazing…. Full racing exhaust, intake kit, blow off valve, aftermarket intercooler and our stage2+ remap gives
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The Stage 2 Supercharger kit from Weistec is one of the most powerful kits available for the M156 engine, only topped by their Stage 3. No engine upgrades are needed other than a high flow exhaust. The quality and performance results are simply amazing. For more information regarding this kit, please visit Weistec Engineering’s website:
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Audi S1 2.0 TSI – Stage 1 98RON

The Audi S1 is equipped with the 3rd generation of EA888 engine also found in the Golf 7 GTI. The gains from the Stage 1 ECU remap are incredible, providing an extra 80hp at the wheels and more than 10Kgm of torque on 98RON fuel, while maintaining stock hardware. Upgrade specifications 98 RON fuel Etuners Stage 1
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FlasherTHP USB-OBD cable by Etuners
Reflashing via OBD If you want to remap your 208, it is possible via OBD! FlasherTHP v2 supports flashing your Peugeot 208 with our performance software, using a USB cable and a laptop computer with Windows XP/Vista/7/8. Using our FlasherTHP software you can have multiple remaps available depending on the performance mode you want from