Audi A5 3.0TDI stage1

Big, beautiful and majestic that’s the Audi A5 sportback. In this occasion with the exceptional 3.0lt V6 turbo diesel engine producing 240hp stock.After a custom #etuners stage 1 remap the engine power rose to almost 300hp.A hefty +60hp with just a stage 1 remap, the best value for money upgrade you will ever do to this car.

Audi A5 3.0TDI stage1

Upgrade specification

  • #Etuners Stage 1 ECU remap

Audi A5 3.0TDI stage1

Performance results

  • Maximum wheel power 179.2KW(measured 149.0KW stock), gains 30.2KW

Audi A5 3.0TDI stage1

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  • Philip Eaton Posted April 4, 2019 8:04 am

    Hello, do you have a TCU tune for a 14 Audi Q5 3.0l TDI?

    • Stelios Alexandrakis Posted April 6, 2019 10:16 pm

      Hi Philip! Yes we do actually.

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