who we are

At Etuners we are a team of automotive enthusiasts who love tweaking everything that falls in our hands. We do what we love, which is tuning cars and solving all problems that may appear in the process. All of our ECU remapping projects are done in-house and covered by us from the beginning to the end, making sure that we can achieve reliability, performance and customer satisfaction.

Our team is aimed at providing automotive innovative engine tuning solutions, technical support and design of tuning parts that are required in order to complete our projects. We design, develop and test Diagnostic and Reflashing Software, ECU calibration files (remaps), upgraded mechanical parts, exhaust systems and turbo kits for the car models we choose to tune.

Our extensive tuning on dyno and on the street experience and culture makes us unique. Our customers should expect excellent performance results, keeping engine longevity in mind, combined with the best technical support possible.



VW Golf 7 GTI 40th Anniversary 2.0TSI – Stage3 Snail turbo 98RON

VW Golf 7 GTI 40th Anniversary 2.0TSI – Stage3 Snail Turbo hyrbid 98RON This stunning red GTI performance came back itching for more power. It had already made 249fwkw on #Etuners Stage2 with hardware from Integrated Engineering. Having installed a Snail Turbo hybrid upgrade, an #Etuners stage 3 ECU tune was custom calibrated and #Etuners […]

HYUNDAI i30N 2.0T MY2019 – Etuners Stage2 98RON + WMI

HYUNDAI i30N 2.0T MY2019 – Etuners Stage2 98RON + WMI Mark has set up his i30N for track day use. Wanting more power on the straights he contacted us to discuss options. His original plans were for a front mount intercooler upgrade and a tune. From our track experience on this platform we suggested leaving […]

Audi SQ7 4.0TDI V8 MY2019 – Stage1

Audi SQ7 4.0TDI V8 MY2019 – Etuners Stage1 The owner dropped off her SQ7 wanting an increase in power and throttle response. This is the first time we have calibrated this ECU in the latest Generation Audi and we must say thank you to #Audi, you have not let us down with the SQ7. The […]

Audi TTRS 8S 2.5TFSI – Stage2 E85 + Wmi

2017 AUDI TTRS 8S 2.5TFSI ——————————————————— Matt’s Audi now punches out a massive 381wkw measured at all four wheels thanks to stage 2 hardware with Water Methanol Injection and custom Etuners E85 ECU and TCU calibrations. This TTRS runs low 10 second 1/4 mile times at 130+ mph in its circuit trim, making it one […]

Audi RS5 F5 2.9TFSI – Stage1 98RON

The new RS5 looks very nice in white! It was high time that it received a turbocharged V6 engine, versus the old naturally aspirated V8 of the previous model. Jo took his stock RS5 to WSID to get a baseline and was very pleased with an 11.66 @119mph. This time was achieved with 256wkw with […]

BMW M3 F80 MY2015 – Stage2 98RON

BMW M3 F80 MY2015 – Etuners Stage2 98RON Peter delivered this awesome M3 to us wanting more power. We supplied an installed an upgraded down pipes and high flow air filters along with a custom Etuners ECU calibration. BMW quote peak power at 317kw @ the engine. With the hardware installed the M3 did not […]