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Focused on developing custom engine and gearbox calibrations and tuning solutions. Our team specializes in creating upgraded control software for automotive and marine applications.



Audi S3 8V.1 2.0TFSI – Stage3 CTS BB-550 hybrid turbo 95RON+wmi

CTS has come up with a new hybrid turbocharger for EA888 Gen3 2.0TFSI motors. It is ideally suited for the Audi S3 8V and TT-S, or the Golf 7R/7.5R, where the stock engine internals can take the stress from running it in high boost. For GTi owners, upgrading pistons and connecting rods to run this […]

Citroen DS3 1.2T Puretech130 – Stage2 98RON

Citroen recently decided to separated one of its product lines and make it into a brand by itself. DS is the new brand that came out of this process. Among the most powerful of its Lilliputian kind is the 3-cylinder Puretech130 engine in this beautiful cabriolet. It began life completely stock but soon started to […]

Mercedes X350D 4Matic – Stage1

While the hardware resemblance of the X250 to the Nissan Navara D23 is obvious, Mercedes changed all of this with the X350: the 3 liter V6 engine, the seven-speed automatic transmission and full-time 4×4 4matic system are all exclusive Mercedes-Benz hardware and take the X-Class to the top tier of one-tonne double-cab ute performance. Who […]

Mercedes E63S AMG 4.0TT Ed1 – Stage2 98RON

Mercedes E63S ED1 MY2018  – Etuners Stage2 One of our favourite AMGs came in with stage 2 hardware already installed. On our Mainline dyno it produced a baseline of 377kw/512whp measured in AWD on stock software. After an #Etuners custom Stage2 calibration the E63s laid down an impressive 467kw/635hp @ the wheels. Etuners Custom calibration […]

Mercedes E200 W213 2.0T – Stage1 98RON

Mercedes E200 W213 2.0T MY2016 – Stage1 98RON There is a big range of engines found on the E-class W213 platform for Mercedes. The 2liter turbocharged E200 is probably the least powerful of the lot. For a car that weighs about 1.8tons, the stock 197bhp can bring a lot of frustration to anybody driving it. […]

Audi RSQ3 2.5TFSI – Stage3 RPCMotorsport 95RON+Wmi

  The Audi RSQ3 is Audi’s effort to put a wolf in a sheep’s clothing. On the outside it looks like a pumped up Q3 but on the inside it houses a 2.5 liter TFSI RS3 engine, all wheel drive, big brakes and a seven speed DSG transmission. It is most definitely not a soccer […]