who we are

At Etuners we are a team of automotive enthusiasts who love tweaking everything that falls in our hands. We do what we love, which is tuning cars and solving all problems that may appear in the process. All of our ECU remapping projects are done in-house and covered by us from the beginning to the end, making sure that we can achieve reliability, performance and customer satisfaction.

Our team is aimed at providing automotive innovative engine tuning solutions, technical support and design of tuning parts that are required in order to complete our projects. We design, develop and test Diagnostic and Reflashing Software, ECU calibration files (remaps), upgraded mechanical parts, exhaust systems and turbo kits for the car models we choose to tune.

Our extensive tuning on dyno and on the street experience and culture makes us unique. Our customers should expect excellent performance results, keeping engine longevity in mind, combined with the best technical support possible.



Peugeot 208 1.4HDI DV4C – Stage3 hybrid turbo + intercooler

The Peugeot 208 1.4HDI 68PS is powered by a little DV4C diesel engine. As stock, it has no intercooler. Making it one of the smallest and least powerful engines in its category. The car is very fuel efficient but as any owner will verify, barely driveable. With 68ps and a very small power band it […]

Mini Countryman R60 1.6T N18 ALL4 – Stage2 98RON + Desert kit

Sometimes tuning can transform a car, both from the inside and from the outside for the better. Powered by a 1.6liter turbocharged N18 engine and an ALL4 4wheel drive system, this Countryman started life as a midsized family car, thinking it would spend most of its time driving around places and going to destinations on […]

VW Golf 7 1.6TDI MY2015 DSG7 – Stage1

VW Golf 7 1.6TDI 115hp MY2015 DSG7 – Etuners Stage1 Upgrade specifications Stock hardware + DSG7 gearbox Etuners Stage1 ECU remap   Performance results Maximum engine power: 144hp (measured stock 117.4hp), gains 27hp Maximum engine torque: 349Nm (measured stock 283Nm), gains 66Nm

Mercedes C63S AMG 4.0TT MY2018 – Stage2 98RON

Mercedes C63S AMG 4.0TT MY2018 We absolutely love the colour combination on this beautiful AMG! But what we liked even more was the 125wkw midrange power gain after a custom Etuners Stage2 ECU calibration. This car measured @ 306wkw with the stock map and secondary cats removed. Then a massive 388wkw after our calibration on […]

VW Golf 6 GTI 2.0TSI – Stage3 K04-064 + Wmi

Upgrade specifications 98RON fuel + Water-methanol injection Upgraded turbo: K04-064 fitted on EA888 Upgraded exhaust Upgraded intercooler Custom Etuners Stage3 ECU and DSG remap   Performance results Maximum power at the wheels: 345.5whp (measured on stage1 as 238.4whp) Maximum torque at the wheels: 388.8 ft*lbs (measured on stage1 as 230.65 ft*lbs)

Mercedes A45 AMG W176 2.0T – Stage3 GCG Hybrid turbo 98RON+wmi

Mercedes A45 AMG W176 2.0T 2014  – Etuners Stage3 GCG hybrid Today we had the opportunity to install another Etuners stage 3 package with GCG Turbochargers Pty Ltd hybrid taking it to the next level with the addition of a water methanol injection kit. The car was later tested at Sydney Dragway and ran 7 […]