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Focused on developing custom engine and gearbox calibrations and tuning solutions. Our team specializes in creating upgraded control software for automotive and marine applications.



VW Golf 7.5R 2.0TSI MY2019 – Stage3 Snailturbo hybrid: 100-200kmh in 6.2s

VW Golf 7.5R 2.0TSI MY2019 on DQ381 7-speed DSG transmission The VW Golf 7.5R Gen3 MQB is equipped with a very strong, reliable engine that can withstand crazy amounts of power without failing. Following the owner’s request for a very fast car, we selected and installed a suitable hybrid turbocharger and all other parts to […]

Audi RS3 8V.2 2.5TFSI – Stage3 98RON + wmi RPC850 turbo kit: 100-200km/h in 5.08s

Do you want a solution to send your RS3’s performance deep into the supercar region? RPC has a big turbo kit that works wonders, even on a completely stock engine and gearbox. Audi RS3 8v.2 2.5TFSI + RPC850 turbo kit Built by @SVP.AE Tuned by the best tuner @e_tuners, custom #Etuners Stage3 ECU and DSG […]

VW UP Gti 1.0TSI – Stage2 98RON

  When Volkswagen first presented their 1.0TSI engine, we were not very sure if it would be a wise choice as an engine for any of its most popular models. Imagine powering up a 1.2ton Golf with a 3 cylinder engine that just barely makes 100hp. Neither pretty, nor nice to drive. That was, on […]

Audi RS3 8V.1 2.5TFSI – Stage3 hybrid for E85

Although in theory superseded by the newer Audi RS3 8V.2 with its DAZA engine and much bigger turbo as stock, the 8V.1 has big potential when it comes to tuning, as well. This owner thought: How about we make a monster out of the Audi RS3 8V.1 on stock internals, a hybrid turbo and E85? […]

Mercedes A45 AMG 2.0T MY2016 – Stage2 98RON + Wmi

  The Advantages of Water Methanol Injection🔥🔥 Wayne’s A45 is leaving with 280wkw with the addition of water methanol injection, upgraded Down pipe (stock intake) and custom Etuners calibration. Typically we see approx 250-260wkw from the A45 with stage 2 hardware and approx 70wkw in the midrange . The addition of WMI and custom calibration […]

Citroen C4 1.6 BlueHDI100 – Stage1

Citroen C4 1.6 BlueHDI100 – Stage1 Πριν σας γράφω την ιστορία του ιδιοκτήτη, καλύτερα να σας εξηγήσω για τον κινητήρα, που συμπαθούμε όλο και περισσότερο αυτό τον καιρό: Ο 1.6HDI και τα αδερφάκια του είναι μια συνεργασία της Peugeot/Citroen με τη Ford: PSA DV6 για τους Γάλλους, Ford DLD-416 για τους Αγγλοαμερικάνους. Ήταν με μεγάλη […]