Bentley Continental GT 6.0TT W12 - Etuners Stage1
Jane’s Bentley Continental GT 6.0 TT W12 came to us for a power makeover after hearing about our high quality work. An Official ETuners stage 1 custom calibration completed in-house which saw +103kw and +120nm gains at the wheels after ensuring this prestige model was completely healthy. Initial pre-tuning tests showed it was down on
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Bentley Bentayga 6.0 TFSI - Engine Bay

Bentley Bentayga 6.0 TFSI – Stage1 98RON

2017 Bentley Bentayga 6.0 TFSI W12 This MY2017 Bentley Bentayga is equipped with a 6.0 TFSI W12 engine. Following Bentley’s tradition, it is equipped with a massive 6 liter turbocharged engine which is the largest unit available in the whole group. According to the manufacturer, it produces 447kw as stock and a 0-100kmh of 4.1sec.