Toyota FJ Cruiser 4.0i, being remapped and tested on a Dynoject rolling road, in KTRT Performance

Toyota FJ Cruiser 4.0i – Stage1 98RON

Toyota’s FJ Cruiser, with a 6 cylinder 4.0 liter engine and automatic gearbox, made in 2015, is a very popular car for mixed daily driving and off roading. We offer an updated ECU calibration to improve its power, overall torque and add custom features, too.  This is not a piggiback unit but an ECU remap
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Toyota Hilux 3.0 D4D – Stage 1

Toyota Hilux 3.0 D4D with a custom Etuners stage 1 file. Power measured at the wheels with the stock ECU calibration was 93kw. With an  Etuners custom calibration we managed to get peak power of 117kw with a very strong upper RPM power curve, without any power drop off. That’s a 25% increase in power
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Toyota Land Cruiser, 4.5l 8 cylinder D4D turbo-diesel engine with a custom Etuners tune. As delivered to us the toyota dynoed at 99kw at the wheels. With some custom tuning, peak gains of 24kw were made with power staying strong in the upper rev range. Power rose to an impressive 123.7kw – a 24% increase
Toyota Hilux 3.0 D4D 1KD-FTV For so many years we have wanted to be able to tune Toyotas. It is now possible and with excellent results, via ECU remapping. No more piggiback units or fuel rail gimmicks to increase fuel pressure. Everything can be adjusted via remapping the ECU. On this particular Hilux, an Etuners
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Toyota IQ 1.4 D4d – Stage 1

If you need a little bit more power from your 1.4 diesel, the Stage 1 ECU remap for the Toyota IQ 1.4 D4D is here! Upgrade specifications Stage 1 ECU remap. Upgrade done by bench flashing the stock EDC17 ECU. Optional: Upgraded air filter Performance results Maximum horsepower: 116 Hp (measured 94 Hp as stock),
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