Toyota Crown Majesta 4.3i MY2004 – Stage2 98RON

Something a little different for us this week, a Majesta with 3UZ-FE engine.
The 4.3l NA motor is claimed to make 208kw at the engine. This Majesta had already been fitted with a custom cat back system, on its pre tune Dyno run it made 162kw at the wheels.
A Custom 4” intake was installed along with an Etuners custom Dyno tune re-calibrating the MAF on the stock ECU. With modified throttle settings and increased rev limit we saw an extra 13kw at the wheels through the entire rev range. Peak power increasing to 175kw

Upgrade specifications
-Upgraded cat-back exhaust
-Cold air intake kit
– #Etuners Stage2 custom tune with MAF recalibration for the cold air intake kit

Performance results
-Maximum power at the wheels: 175kw (measured 162kw stock), gains 13wkw