Audi S3 8V 2.0 TFSI MY2017 DSG7/DQ381 The owner of this sleek looking facelift Audi S3 8V drove all the way from Toowoomba to Brisbane, a distance of 125km or approximately an hour and 30 minutes worth of highway driving so he can get it calibrated by us. He informed us he had a piggyback
Ferrari 360 on dyno

Ferrari 360 F1 Stage 2 98RON

This Ferrari 360 has upgraded its exhaust system with the one from the Stradale version. This improves the tunability of the model. It makes it possible to have significant performance gains at both mid and high rpm with a remap.   Remap features Improved fuelling to enabled earlier torque Improved ignition Throttle off exhaust pop
Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 + Etuners custom ECU remap + Heffner Turbo kit More horsepower for the Gallardo! The Heffner turbo kit for the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 is a bolt-on upgrade for a completely stock engine. Boosting 0.4bars, it adds almost 40% more power to this supercar without any piston/connecting rod upgrades. More information on the

Skoda Fabia RS 1.4 TSI – Stage 1 98RON

The Skoda Fabia RS 1.4 TSI is an excellent platform for tuning because it combines a light chassis with a very powerful 1.4 TSI engine. Being a twincharged model, it combines early torque and very good top end power from the turbo. Of course it is very fast as stock, but even a stage 1
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The Mini Countryman R60 comes equipped with the 1.6T turbo engine. According to the manufacturer it produces 184 PS (135 kW; 181 hp)@5500RPM and 240 N·m (177 lb·ft) of torque. It also has an overboost function that increases torque to 260 N·m (192 lb·ft) from 1700 to 4500RPM. Like all new BMW engines, this one has a valvetronic system fitted on the
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Audi A6 3.0 TDI quattro – Stage 1

The new Audi A6 3.0 TDI quattro (4G, C7) offers great gains with just a stage 1 ECU remap. Starting with 201hp as stock, its performance is boosted to 250+hp. Based on the specs from the manufacturer, its acceleration from standstil to 100km/h is done in 7.9 sec. In reality, this is very hard to
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Mini One 1.6i 85hp – Stage 1 98RON

BMW has always done so on the 1.6i engines – limiting the engine’s performance through software. It started by limiting the first generation Minis throttle angle, even when the driver was pushing the throttle pedal all the way. And it affects this generation too. The naturally aspirated Mini One always gained around 30hp from a
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The Seat Leon 1.8 TSI Gen3 MQB is a very good platform for upgrades, even when it is equipped with a DSG7 DQ200 gearbox. Following the general rule, Gen3 EA888 engines are very tunable. They gain good power with very few upgrades. Thus, the stock turbo becomes much more efficient with the addition of an
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Audi S1 2.0 TSI – Stage 1 98RON

The Audi S1 is equipped with the 3rd generation of EA888 engine also found in the Golf 7 GTI. The gains from the Stage 1 ECU remap are incredible, providing an extra 80hp at the wheels and more than 10Kgm of torque on 98RON fuel, while maintaining stock hardware. Upgrade specifications 98 RON fuel Etuners Stage 1
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The stage 1 upgrade for the Mercedes SLK 200 1.8 163hp for 98RON unleashes the performance hidden in the stock supercharger. This upgrade is aimed at R171 models with 1.8L KE18ML engine, also known as M271.   How it works The stock supercharger on th eM271 engine uses a bypass system to control boost. A