Why a Stage 2 remap on this car?
This Ferrari 360 has upgraded its exhaust system with the one from the Stradale version. This improves the tunability of the model.
It makes it possible to have significant performance gains at both mid and high rpm with a remap.

Ferrari 360 on dyno

Ferrari 360 F1 on a Dyno Dynamics Dyno – Etuners ECU remap


Remap features

  1. Improved fuelling to enabled earlier torque
  2. Improved ignition
  3. Throttle off exhaust pop (only possible for cars without catalytic converters)
  4. Increased rev limiter
  5. Warning light disabled for cars equipped with sports catalytic converters.

Recommended extra addons for Stage2: Gearbox remap.


Performance results

We were very pleasantly surprised with the power gains after the remap. Usually, stage 1 remaps on this engine bring about 30-40hp flywheel.
This car gained 33kW at the wheels (which is about 70-80hp flywheel) and its road performance improved significantly.

Ferrari 360 F1 dynoplot @ Dyno Dynamics

Etuners Stage 2 ECU remap results on the Ferrari 360 F1.
Stock (red) vs Stage 2 (blue)

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