The addition of an intercooler kit and a full exhaust system brings more power from the THP200 engine. Both of them are necessary. The intercooler to control intake air temperatures, as the stock unit is very small. And the exhaust to improve flow after the turbo and make it more efficient at the same boost
Ferrari 360 on dyno

Ferrari 360 F1 Stage 2 98RON

This Ferrari 360 has upgraded its exhaust system with the one from the Stradale version. This improves the tunability of the model. It makes it possible to have significant performance gains at both mid and high rpm with a remap.   Remap features Improved fuelling to enabled earlier torque Improved ignition Throttle off exhaust pop
The new Seat Leon Cupra Gen3/MQB is one twisted car. Just look at it. We are speechless: Massive torque gains, massive power gains with minimal modifications. The car tested was a 2016 model, with the latest software update available from Seat. We thought it would be nice to put that IS38 turbo to the test
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The Stage 2 Supercharger kit from Weistec is one of the most powerful kits available for the M156 engine, only topped by their Stage 3. No engine upgrades are needed other than a high flow exhaust. The quality and performance results are simply amazing. For more information regarding this kit, please visit Weistec Engineering’s website:
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VW Polo 1.2 TSI Stage 2 95RON

There is a lot of power to be squeezed out of the Polo 1.2 TSI engine. With a remap, the output power reaches levels of its bigger sisters and makes the car much more fun to drive! Upgrade specifications -Catback exhaust -Intake kit -ECU remap for 95RON The power gains are very noticeable on the
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