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Audi A3 8V.2 2.0TFSI Quattro – Stage1 98RON

The updated version of the Audi A3 8V Quattro is a small S3 in the making: With a Gen3/MQB 2.0TFSI engine, an upgraded DQ381 gearbox together with quattro, and 8V.2 chassis: the only thing lacking is performance. Because it conforms to the very restrictive Euro 6.2 emission standards, it is equipped with all sorts of […]

Audi S5 B9 2.9TFSI MY2017 – Stage2

Audi S5 B9 2.9TFSI Quattro MY2017 – #Etuners Stage2 Sounding more like a Tesla than a 3.0l turbo from the factory the owner requested a solution to give this S5 it’s soul back. We chose to upgrade the downpipe to a hi flow ECS unit and leave the rest of the system OEM. With the […]

Renault Clio IV 1.5DCI 75hp – Stage1

The Renault Clio IV 1.5 Dci 75hp is a version primarily aimed at corporate fleets and rental agencies. Combining both low initial and running cost, together with very good space for its size, it is no wonder it has been a very popular selection in its category. For all its advantages, there is only one […]

Audi RS5 B9 2.9TFSI – Stage1 98RON + AWE cold air intake kit

She looks beautiful in red. The new RS5 B9 is one sexy looking car. It gains a lot of power via remapping. Upgrade specifications 98RON fuel Upgraded cold air intake kit by AWE Tuning Etuners Stage1 ECU remap for MG1   Performance results Maximum power at the wheels: 469whp (measured stock at 420whp), gains 49whp […]

VW Golf 6R 2.0TFSI – Stage2 E85 + map switching

Switching to ethanol based fuels always brings great power gains. E85 is available at gas stations in Australia, so we thought we should experiment with converting a regular 98ron gasoline car into E85 via remapping. We had this beautiful 6R as development for map switching and we tested/tuned it on full E85 fuel with very […]

BMW 1M N54 – Stage3 TTE500 98RON

How about a pair of turbos that can boost your BMW 1M N54’s performance to awesome levels of power? TheTurboEngineers have developed a set that we like very much. If you read on, you will find out why! The upgrade is very straight-forward and the car performs very well even on 98RON fuel, without water-methanol […]

BMW 320i F30 MY2019 – Stage2 95RON

The newest breed of the BMW 320i comes with updated engine hardware and electronics. Responsible for the engine’s operation is a brand new MG1 ECU. On our dyno the car produced 164whp on stock map, with an upgraded downpipe installed. After our custom Stage2 tune was developed specifically for use with 95RON, power increased to […]

VW Golf 7.5 GTI 2.0TSI DSG6 – Stage2 98RON

VW Golf 7.5 GTI 2.0TSI DSG6 – Etuners Stage2 ECU remap for 98RON Tuned Golf GTIs always surprise us with the crazy gains they make after a Stage2 tune. This 7.5 GTI started life completely stock but did not stay stock for long. Almost immediately equipped with CTS-Turbo parts, it gained more than 100hp at […]

Ford Focus RS 2.0T – Stage3 Garrett GT28RS 98RON

If there is a legendary blue car other than the 555 that was linked to Colin McRae, it is the Ford Focus RS MK1. What an amazing car from the late 90s it is: Driveability matched by very few models of its time, big brakes, limited slip differential packed together with a very powerful and […]


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