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VW Golf 7.5 GTI 2.0TSI DSG6 – Stage2 98RON

VW Golf 7.5 GTI 2.0TSI DSG6 – Etuners Stage2 ECU remap for 98RON Tuned Golf GTIs always surprise us with the crazy gains they make after a Stage2 tune. This 7.5 GTI started life completely stock but did not stay stock for long. Almost immediately equipped with CTS-Turbo parts, it gained more than 100hp at […]

Ford Focus RS 2.0T – Stage3 Garrett GT28RS 98RON

If there is a legendary blue car other than the 555 that was linked to Colin McRae, it is the Ford Focus RS MK1. What an amazing car from the late 90s it is: Driveability matched by very few models of its time, big brakes, limited slip differential packed together with a very powerful and […]

Ford Focus 1.6 STCI Ecoboost – Stage3 hybrid turbo 98RON

The Ford Focus 1.6 STCI Ecoboost produces 150hp in its stock form. When the car first came to us, it made 153hp on dyno with an upgraded cat-back exhaust and the stock ECU map. A stage1 ECU calibration was installed and power climbed to 210hp at the flywheel. When the customer returned, he came back […]

Mercedes S63 AMG 5.5T MY2012 – Stage2 98RON

The S63 AMG is an extremely powerful car. Even in its stock form, as it is equipped with Mercedes’ almighty M157 5.5 liter twin turbo V8 engine. By upgrading a few parts of the exhaust and installing a custom Etuners Stage2 ECU calibration, power increases by 75hp at the wheels and a massive 116ft*lbs gain […]

BMW 116D F20 LCI MY2017 – Stage1

In 2017 BMW recently introduced its 3 cylinder 1.5 liter diesel engine on the 116 F20 LCI. Replacing the previous models that had 1.6 liters on four cylinders, it does not seem to have lost much of its power despite being a cylinder short. On dyno it produced 108whp on the stock map. A custom […]

Mercedes C63S AMG 4.0TT MY2018 – Stage2 98RON

This stunning facelift C63S AMG with updated 9 speed transmission was delivered to us with #dyneperformance downpipes fitted by our friends at IT Mechanical. With the upgraded downpipe and stock ECU tune, it produced a baseline run of 314rwkw/427whp. An #Etuners tune was loaded and custom calibrated. Peak power rose to 379.6rwkw/516whp, a gain of […]

Audi RS5 B9 2.9TFSI – Stage2 98RON

2018 AUDI RS5 B9 2.9TFSI Brett Delivered his RS5 to us for upgrades as he was not content with the exhaust note and lack of performance. The RS5 produced a best baseline run of 256wkw in stock form. We installed a set of Down pipes and recalibrated the ECU to suit. The new exhaust note […]

BMW M5 “30 Yahre M5” – Stage1 98RON

BMW M5 4.4T – “30 Jahre M5” Quoting M-division’s presentation of the model: To mark the 30th anniversary of the BMW M5, BMW M GmbH engineers and designers have developed an exclusive special model of the current model generation which offers outstanding performance figures. A maximum of just 300 of the BMW M5 “30 Jahre […]

Abarth 595 1.4TJet (160hp) Auto – Etuners Stage3 GT1446 98RON

Abarth 595 1.4TJet (160hp) Auto – Etuners Stage3 GT1446 98RON There are two major engine versions for Italy’s latest awesome pocket rocket: Abarth 595 1.4Tjet (aka Fiat 500 next gen). The 145hp and 160hp is one and the 180hp version the other! For the little ones to become big, all they need is the addition […]


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