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Peugeot 308 T9 1.2Puretech130 GPF MY2019 – Stage2 98RON

Peugeot 308 T9 1.2Puretech130 GPF MY2019 – Stage2 98RON The most powerful 1.2Puretech version, with 130hp in stock form, still was not enough for this owner. After upgrading to an #Etuners stage1 tune that brought power up to 145hp, he upgraded the exhaust and got a cold air intake kit. The resulting power gains make […]

Peugeot 308 T9 1.2Puretech100 – Stage1 98RON

The Peugeot 308 T9 1.2Puretech100 with OPF / GPF went into production in 2018. In case you have not driven the car, it feels very lively despite its small engine. Handling, steering and braking are a joy. Acceleration, maybe not so much. There are significant mechanical differences compared to the previous Puretech/Euro6 engines. A Gasoline […]

BMW 316i F30 1.6T – Stage1 95RON

BMW 316i F30 1.6T – Stage1 95RON MY2015 Upgrade specifications 95RON fuel Etuners Stage1 ECU remap Performance results Maximum engine power: 200.1hp (measured 159hp on stock calibration), gains 40hp Maximum engine torque: 284.4Nm (measured 243Nm on stock calibration), gains 41Nm  

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Veloce 1750 TCT – Stage2 98RON

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Veloce 1750 TCT – Stage2 98RON   Upgrade specifications 98RON fuel Upgraded full exhaust Etuners custom Stage2 ECU remap Stock TCT gearbox software Performance results All testing was done on our linked AWD dyno, with the driving mode selection set to Dynamic. Maximum engine power: 295.1hp (measured stock 244.5hp in AWD), gains […]

Citroen C4 1.6THP150 – Stage4 Garrett GTX28 98RON

Citroen’s legacy of very slow naturally aspirated cars broke with the C4 THP150 in 2008. It is a mystery how that car manage to live through the awful 1.4i with 90hp, the dreafully slow 1.6i with 110hp and the more powerful, yet without any torque 2.0i 177hp edition by Loeb. Probably being more of an […]

Audi RS7 C7 4.0TFSI – Stage2 98RON

Audi’s RS6 and RS7 C7 were designed to be the monsters of the high end segment. Going all out against the M division’s 4.4 liter engines, joined by the late arrival of Mercedes-AMG with their own 4.0TT, that part of the market keeps getting more interesting by the day. The engine can reach or exceed […]

Audi S8 D4 4.0TFSI – Stage3 Turbosystems hybrid turbos

The S8 was blessed and cursed by Audi: On the one hand, having the RS6/RS7 engine was awesome. On the other hand,  being the heaviest four wheeler of its kind not so great. Even with a maxed out Stage2 remap the owner was not satisfied with its performance. One thing lead to another and a […]

BMW X4 F26 2.0D – Stage1

According to BMW, this X4 F26 produces 190hp, engine power. On dyno it was measured 192hp on stock software. With an #Etuners Stage1 ECU remap, power increased to 222hp. Because of the automatic gearbox, it is not possible to see the true maximum torque gains after the remap on dyno: it kicks down if pressed […]

VW Tiguan 2.0TDI Gen3 (MQB) MY2018 – Stage1

VW Tiguan 2.0TDI Gen3 (MQB) MY2018 150hp – Etuners Stage1 Upgrade specifications Etuners Stage1 ECU remap Completely stock hardware Performance results Maximum engine power: 190hp (measured stock at 159hp), gains 31hp Maximum engine torque: 406Nm (measured stock at 366), gains 40Nm


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