Citroen DS3 1.6T – Cupra intercooler upgrade

The Sear Ibiza Cupra intercooler is a great option for an upgrade over the stock one for any THP150/156/165/175/200 engine. With almost 2.5 times the volume of the stock intercooler, it can support horsepower levels up to 400hp without problems. Until year 2010 this part was produced by JDeus under an exclusive contract for Seat Sport. Thankfully, after the Ibiza stopped being produced, the contract expired. Today it is sold openly as a spare part from JDeus.

In terms of size, this is the largest available and reasonably priced option for a front mount intercooler.

Installation on the Citroen DS3

This intercooler requires a piping kit so that it can be connected to the turbo and to the stock boost pipe. There are many ways to make these pipes, the easiest of which is through buying a kit. The pipe kit in the photos was produced by Gialatzis Exhaust in Thessaloniki. Several modifications need to be done to the crashbar because of the very limited space in front of the radiator and the units thickness. As is visible in the pictures, a bit of the plastic radiator front frame needs to be removed so that the boost pipes can go through without problems.


Many thanks to Serraios for the installation walk-through 😉 !


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