Seat Leon Cupra Gen3 2.0 TSI – Stage 2+

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Seat Leon Cupra Gen3 2.0 TSI – Stage 2+

The new Seat Leon Cupra Gen3/MQB is one twisted car. Just look at it. We are speechless: Massive torque gains, massive power gains with minimal modifications. The car tested was a 2016 model, with the latest software update available from Seat.


We thought it would be nice to put that IS38 turbo to the test and see what it can really do when pushed properly.

Upgrade specifications

  • 98+ RON fuel (even better fuel quality will not hurt it)
  • Upgraded downpipe
  • Stage 2+ ECU remap
  • DSG gearbox remap strongly recommended

Performance results

  • Maximum horsepower: 385 whp (276 whp measured stock), gains 109wHp
  • Maximum torque: 60 Kgm (36 Kgm measured stock), gains 24 Kgm
  • 100-200km/h acceleration time: 9.0 sec

Shoutouts to MaxTuning!


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  1. it is posible to run full e85 on a full bolts on cupra mk3 (intake turboback meth ic)?

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