Audi S3 8V 2.0 TFSI MY2017 DSG7/DQ381
The owner of this sleek looking facelift Audi S3 8V drove all the way from Toowoomba to Brisbane, a distance of 125km or approximately an hour and 30 minutes worth of highway driving so he can get it calibrated by us. He informed us he had a piggyback ECU module and wasn’t happy with the gain and the way the car drove and ended up selling it to go with a custom tune.

Following discussions with the owner, he enlisted the upgrades mentioned below to go with our custom stage 2 remap :-


Upgrade specifications


With the stock factory ECU calibration along with an upgraded intake and downpipe, we strapped it on the dyno and it produced a healthy 187.7kw at the wheels. With an Etuners custom stage 2 remap, peak power increased to 239kw at the wheels or 51kw gain. Midrange power was very strong and smooth power increase all the way to redline. A feature we added to the custom tune was switchable overrun function to add some character to this beast. This give the owner the best of both world, ie to stay discreet in economy/comfort mode, and unleash the noise in dynamic/manual mode. We loaded a custom DSG remap for the new DQ381 gearbox to compliment the added torque and power increase, with smoother and crispier gear change.



Performance results

  • Maximum power at the wheels: 239kw (measured stock as 188.7kW), gains 51.3kW / 68.8whp