Audi A3 8P 3.2 Quattro S-tronic

What is going to happen if we install a turbo kit in the famous 3.2L R32 VW/Audi engine? As Jeremy Clarkson used to say in TopGear , “Powerrrrrr!”

Almost the double power came out of this engine with a stock engine block but upgraded connecting rod bolts. To be more precise if we install a good turbo kit with a Garrett GT35 or GTX35 turbine we can make at 1 bar of boost 500+ bhp and 55kgm of torque. This S-tronic version of the A3 is equipped with the very well known DSG6 dq250. With our e-tuners stage 3 remap in it’s TCU, it can work without any clutch slippage problems even with the stock clutch pack. An upgraded one though from Dodson, HGP or SSP in corporation with a good oil cooler is the best choice for repeatedly drag and street racing use.

In this project with a GT3582R turbo kit at 1.25bar with 98RON pump gas fuel we managed to make 553PS and 600Nm of torque.

Upgrade specifications

  • Etuners Stage 4 98RON pump gas (ECU) // Etuners stage 3 S-tronic (TCU)
  • Cold air intake kit
  • GT/GTX35 turbo kit for 3.2L R32 VW/Audi engine
  • 44mm external wastegate
  • Upgraded 90+ mm full exhaust
  • Big intercooler
  • Upgraded low pressure fuel pump
  • 1000cc fuel injectors
  • Strongly recommended: Upgraded connecting rod bolts + rod bearings + compression lowering cylinder gasket
  • For reliable performance above this power level, upgraded engine internals (pistons and connecting rods) are necessary.

Performance results

  • Stock NA:  250PS , 320Nm of torque
  • GT35 turbo kit:  553PS, 600Nm of torque @ 1.25bar

Special thanks to our dealers PorfirisAutosport for the mechanical preparation and Autospeed for the testing on their brand new Dimsport Dynorace dyno.



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