Audi A3 8P 2.0TFSI MY2007 S Line Manual – #etuners Stage3 Garrett G25-660 98RON

This Audi A3 8P started life with a BWA motor producing 200bhp. Which is the same engine code used in the VW Golf 5 GTi. To increase engine performance above and beyond its stage2 capabilities the pistons and connecting rods were upgraded. So was the fuel system and the turbocharger, together with a full exhaust, intercooler and clutch.

The more than 200% increase of power over stock produced by this turbo kit, the engine requires a special and very customized Stage3 calibration. The stock mass airflow sensor (MAF) maxes out its reading way before reaching maximum power with this turbo. Once that happens, it starts causing significant issues to the rest of the calibration. A common method to bypass that is by deleting the sensor altogether and switching to a mixed alpha-N / map sensor based load calculation strategy, that can be used to properly map it up to whatever boost the map sensor can read. On this car boost was capped at 28psi to help the gearbox survive the massive torque produced midrange.

The end result produces more than double the stock power of an Audi A3 8P.
Big thanks to Etuners Australia!

Upgrade specifications

✅Built BWA motor: upgraded pistons and connecting rods
✅Upgraded turbo kit: Garrett G25-660
✅Upgraded fuel system
✅Upgraded exhaust
✅Upgraded intercooler
✅Upgraded clutch
✅Etuners Maf-less Custom Stage3 Dyno tune

Performance results

? 305kw / 410whp at all 4 wheels with boost capped at 28psi to try and prolong the life of the MQ250 ?

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