Mercedes A45 AMG W176 – Stage3 GCG Hybrid Turbo 98RON

Today we had the opportunity to test GCG Turbochargers Pty Ltd latest hybrid turbo for the A45/CLA45 and GLA45. The GCG5452R comprises of a billet 6+6 blade compressor wheel and a mid trim GT30 Series turbine wheel.

This Mercedes A45 AMG W176 was delivered with an upgraded intake and a piggiback module producing 230kw @ the wheels (a stock car produces 190-195wkw).
The module was removed and a 3.5” downpipe and GCG hybrid Turbo was installed. With custom tuning complete, power increased to 298.9kw @ all 4 wheels with improved spool over the stock turbo.

Upgrade specifications

  • Pump Gas ⛽️ (98RON)
  • GCG Turbochargers Pty Ltd GCG5452R Hybrid Turbo
  • Upgraded 3 1/2” downpipe
  • Custom #Etuners Stage3 ECU remap

Performance results

  • Maximum power at the wheels: 298.9wkw / 406.5whp

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