Mercedes CLA45 AMG C117 2.0T – #Etuners Stage2 98RON

This beautiful Mercedes CLA45 AMG was upgraded to Stage2 both hardware wise and software wise. With an upgraded cold air intake kit from Mishimoto and an upgraded downpipe from CTSTurbo. It then received our Stage2 engine and gearbox tunes.
Mercedes DCT gearboxes have a very similar design to DSG gearboxes, both being with double clutches that engage simultaneously to shift, but are mapped a lot less aggressively than their VAG counterparts. With our Stage2 tune the gearbox becomes a lot faster in response and the shifts much crispier compared to stock.

Upgrade specifications
✅ #Etuners Stage2 ECU remap
✅ #Etuners Stage2 TCU remap for 7speed DCT gearbox
✅ Upgraded air filter kit Mishimoto Automotive
✅ Upgraded downpipe by CTS Turbo

Performance results

✅Maximum power: 375WHP/485LB-FT (measured 325whp on stock tune), gains 50whp with almost 100whp midrange

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