Mini Cooper S R56 1.6T – Stage 2+ 98RON

Here we have the most complete stock turbo – stock engine Mini Cooper S R56 Stage 2+ for 98Ron pump fuel…. The power is very good, the powerband is even better and the the driveability of the car is amazing…. Full racing exhaust, intake kit, blow off valve, aftermarket intercooler and our stage2+ remap gives to this mini all the power it need to be a pocket rocket…

The remap for this Mini also offers choising on the fly which firmware to use (stock vs tuned) The switch is done by pressing the sport mode button!

Regular mode means stock settings, Sport mode means stage 2+ remap.

Maximum boost: 1.45bar, gradually falling to 1.2bar (stock was 1.0bar falling to 0.8bar).
For optimal performance and avoiding power loss problems, cleaning the intake valves is strongly recommended every 30.000km.

Upgrade specifications

  • 98RON fuel
  • Cold air intake kit + scoop
  • Upgraded intercooler
  • Upgraded full exhaust with a sports cat
  • Upgraded blowoff valve
  • Etuners Stage 2+ ECU remap

Performance results

  • Maximum power: 249,5 PS @ 6000 RPM (178 PS as stock)
  • Maximum torque: 360Nm @ 4550 RPM (280Nm as stock)


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