Mini Cooper S R56 1.6T - Etuners Stage4 hybrid turbo + map switching
A very impressive hybrid turbo upgrade on this Mini Cooper S R56 N14. To complement it, the owner installed an upgraded front mount intercooler, cold air intake kit and full exhaust. The engine had recently been serviced and the cylinder head cleaned from combustion residues on the intake valves. Driving the car daily on a
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Mini Cooper S R56 facelift 184hp - engine bay
The newest 1.6 Turbo engine in the Mini Cooper S R56 1.6T 184hp facelift features a valvetronic cylinder head and variable cam timing on the intake and the exhaust cam shaft. Although it uses the same turbocharger unit as pre-facelift models, it produces more power with ease because of the technological advancements in the cylinder
The most powerful model of the Mini Cooper S R56 series is the John Cooper Works version. It comes with a bigger turbocharger, improved exhaust and lowered compression ratio. All these are ready straight from the factory floor. Its turbocharger is a fantastic upgrade for normal Minis. It is a direct replacement of the stock
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Here we have the most complete stock turbo – stock engine Mini Cooper S R56 Stage 2+ for 98Ron pump fuel…. The power is very good, the powerband is even better and the the driveability of the car is amazing…. Full racing exhaust, intake kit, blow off valve, aftermarket intercooler and our stage2+ remap gives
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Mini Cooper S 1.6 Turbo Stage 1+ 98Ron

The Italian job is almost done!!! Here we have a beautiful red Mini Cooper S with the 1.6 turbo engine from the BMW-Peugeot partnership that is coming from the factory with 175hp. With our stage 1+ remap and an upgrated downpipe with a sports 200cell catalytic converter and an intake kit we can achieve 228hp
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Mini Cooper S R53 Stage 3 95RON

Combining a bigger pulley, an upgraded camshaft and larger injectors, this mix of parts definitely is one of the best upgrade sets for the Mini Cooper S R53! Aimed for use with a completely stock engine, this upgrade adds an extra 70-80hp over stock with very solid performance. Upgrade specifications 95RON fuel Pulley 17% Upgraded
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