Mini Cooper S F56 2.0T JCW MY2018 #Etuners Stage1 98RON

According to BMW the Mini JCW’s B48 engine starts life at 231hp. Just like in its BMW sisters, it is very tunable. Starting with a stage1 tune, there are great gains to be realized with the remap we have developed.

In this case the car is driven by a family and the owner was concerned that tuning it would make others worried it is too powerful. Adding map switchability via the driving modes solved that:
Maximum power with the #Etuners Stage1 remap is activated in Sport mode, together with crackles. More conservative power outputs were implemented in the tune for normal and economy drive profiles, for daily driving with good fuel efficiency. So that you can sometimes be a racer and get away with it too. A big thank you to the owner for trusting us with the car.

Upgrade specifications

  • 98RON fuel
  • Stock hardware
  • #Etuners Stage1 ECU remap


Performance results

  • Maximum engine power: 289hp (measured stock 241hp), gains 58hp
  • Maximum engine torque: 375Nm (measured stock 337Nm), gains 38Nm

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