Peugeot 208 Gti 1.6THP200 MY2015 – #etuners Stage3 Garrett GBC20-300

With a long tradition of pocket rockets such as the 205 GTi (and the 205 Rallye for that matter) to all kinds of 106 Rallye on Greek roads, Peugeot seemed to have done a step back with the 208 GTi . After all -according to them- it was the last Peugeot Gti to ever be produced.
It was supposed to make 200 bhp. Which no one ever saw on dyno, as it measured slightly less, around the world. With targeted improvements to the engine’s hardware, performance can be improved dramatically. The EP6 CDTX Prince engine is everything we knew about the EP6-DT and EP6-DTS with improved pistons, additional variable valve lift and controlled variable timing on the intake and exhaust camshafts. It is BMW’s Valvetronic system, which allows programmable valve lift . In the Mini world it is also known as N18.

The owner consulted us to upgrade his 208, already on an #etuners Stage2 making 245hp, we suggested Garrett’s new GBC20-300 turbocharger. For both top end performance and quick spooling. The engine would remain stock. This solution was preferred over hybrid turbos due to the increased reliability and repeatable performance of a stock Garrett unit
With our Stage3 tune the maximum engine power reached on the dyno with 100RON was 285bhp . For race use the methanol kit is enabled and power exceeded 300bhp.

Upgrade Specifications
✔️Stock engine
✔️100RON + Snow water-methanol injection kit
✔️Upgraded cold air intake kit
✔️Airtec Intercooler
✔️Forge Motorsport blowoff valve
✔️Garrett GBC20-300 turbocharger with custom exhaust manifold
✔️Tial External wastegate
✔️Iboost Can-based Boost controller
✔️#Etuners custom Stage3 ECU remap

Performance Results
Power output in 5 levels, depending the owner’s desires:
A) 222hp at wastegate pressure
B)247hp Setting1
C)266hp Setting2
D)283hp 100RON Setting3
E) 300+ with 100RON + water-methanol in race mode

Many thanks to the owner for trusting us with his car!

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