French GTi means pocket rocket! The performance gains out of the 208 GTi THP200 are very impressive even by today’s standards. This model started being sold in 2012 and boasts much better stock power compared to the 207 GTi.

The EP6-CDTX engine itself received all the technological benefits from the BMW/PSA partnership in developing the Prince engines. Valvetronic means that the engine computer fully controls valve lift. Dephasers are installed on both the intake and exhaust camshafts, also providing full control of cam timing for this model, compared to only the intake cam for older models. As a result, the engine produces more power at lower boost levels and is more fuel efficient.
The car itself weighs almost 200kg less than the 207, making it much more agile.

This one came to us with an upgraded intercooler and cat-back exhaust. It was measured stock, with upgraded parts, at 199hp. After upgrading to an #Etuners custom Stage2 remap for 98RON, power rose to 245hp with impressive torque gains. 1.1tons with 240+ hp. That is indeed a pocket rocket.


Performance results

  • Maximum engine power: 245hp (measured stock with upgraded parts at 199hp), gains 46hp
  • Maximum engine torque: 382Nm (measured stock with upgraded parts at  300Nm), gains 82Nm

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