The Peugeot 208 1.4HDI 68PS is powered by a little DV4C diesel engine. As stock, it has no intercooler. Making it one of the smallest and least powerful engines in its category. The car is very fuel efficient but as any owner will verify, barely driveable. With 68ps and a very small power band it is just not possible to overtake anything moving on the road apart from stationary objects.

To fix this, we thought we should upgrade some parts along with the ECU software. A side mount intercooler was installed, like what comes as stock for the next 1.4HDI version. It was borrowed from its big sister, the 208 GTi and is exactly the same part that you will find in the 207 XS/GT/GTi/THP150/THP175. An upgraded hybrid turbo was also installed, while keeping everything else in the engine stock.

After the upgrades and custom #Etuners Stage3 remap on dyno it has become consistently more powerful than stock:
94hp from 68hp, gaining almost 40hp at high rpm and making the car driveable and much more usable than stock. An upgraded exhaust will greatly help with power output in the future, as the stock exhaust diameter is very small.

Upgrade specifications

  • Side mount intercooler installed, from the 208 GTi / 207GTi
  • Hybrid turbo
  • Stock intake and exhaust
  • Etuners Stage3 custom remap

Performance results

  • Maximum power: 94hp (measured stock with hybrid turbo and intercooler at 75hp)
  • Maximum torque: 168 ft*lbs (measured stock with hybrid turbo and intercooler at 150ft*lbs)


  • Jon Rosa Posted September 13, 2019 10:36 pm

    What did you do about the clutch? Mines stage 1 and slips it’s ass off

    • Jon rosa Posted August 8, 2020 9:24 pm

      Thanks for the reply ?

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