Suzuki Swift Sport ZC33S 1.4T MY2018 – Etuners Stage3 Garrett GT25 95RON

Suzuki Swift with turbo engine? Sounds like every Swift owner’s dream, having lived in harmony with their naturally aspirated 1.3L naturally aspirated engine. That they always tuned, but never saw decent horsepower out of. Fortunately Suzuki spoke and the Swift was finally equipped with a good turbo motor!

We started tuning the model with caution when it first appeared. Our thoughts being mainly with the automatic box and with the engine’s reliability. Despite that, in the last two years of continuous use, it has proved to be a very strong. The owner is a regular visitor at the track. It has probably done more kilometers at Circuito International in Panama than on the road. The climate is tropical, usually with very high humidity and temperatures exceeding 30 degrees Celsius.


With a Stage1 ECU remap, the engine usually reaches 170-180hp (about 140whp). Needing more power, upgrading from #Etuners Stage2 tune, the owner got a big turbo: Garrett GT25 , fully controlled via a boost controller and custom #Etuners Stage3 ecu remap developed on dyno.

Power increased to 195+ whp at high boost, while the low boost setting is limited to 143 whp, for daily use. All of this with 95RON gasoline. Many thanks to Yanes Racing and to our team, Etuners Panama.


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