Seat Leon 5F 1.6TDI - Etuners stage1 ecu remap MY2017

Seat Leon 5F 1.6TDI (MY2017) – Stage1

The Seat Leon 5F 1.6TDI together with the VW Golf 7 1.6TDI are very popular platforms and engines in the European diesel market. Remapping them greatly improves torque and power requiring no hardware modifications at all. Our recipe for power is simple: A little bit of boost, a little bit of diesel and a lot
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Citroen C4 1.6 e-HDI 115hp EGS6 – Stage1

This Citroen C4 comes equipped with the 1.6 e-HDI 115hp engine and EGS6 gearbox. It is definitely one of the nicer new cars to drive.  Creating a remap for it meant that the gearbox needs to be kept in good shape. The automatic gearboxes from Citroen/Peugeot do not like the extra torque at mid rpm
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Suzuki Swift Sport 1.6 – Stage1 95RON

You know how we feel about Suzuki. And yes, you are reading right: It has actually made a car that we like. At first it was hard for us to believe it, too, but it is not every day that we get to see interesting Japanese models. It is light, barely a ton, and it
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Hyundai i30 1.6CRDi – Stage 1

It was a challenge for us to see what the 1.6 liter CRDi engine makes in this Korean hatchback. We were very pleased with the results! Almost 40hp gains on this sleeper diesel car and 100Nm of torque. The only mods on it were a Stage 1 ECU remap and a high flow aftermarket air filter. DPF
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