Audi A3 8V.2 1.4TSI150 DSG7 – #Etuners Stage1 98RON

It might not be the fastest of the 8V.2 family. But it is a very good value for money in terms of the car you get for what you pay for: 1.4TSI with 150hp stock and the latest DSG7 DQ200 Gen3 gearbox. This combination worked wonders on many other platforms (VW Golf, Audi Q2 and a few others)  before it was adapted to the 8V.2. We expect to see nothing less out of it on the A3.
Starting with a Stage1 tune for 98RON, power climbs to 190+ hp. With a few more performance modifications one can get a mini S3 out of this engine, for a fraction of the cost.

Upgrade specifications

  • 98RON fuel
  • #Etuners Stage1 ECU tune. Gearbox software remained stock.


Performance results

  • Maximum engine power: 193hp (measured stock 159hp), gains 37hp
  • Maximum engine torque: 350Nm (measured stock 270Nm), gains 70Nm


Performance on the road