If you are wondering how an IHI IS20 turbocharger can fit on the VW Polo’s 3rd generation 1.4TSI engine, please have a look. BVS customs along with Etuners from Krasnodar in Russia, the experts of this recipe, demonstrate how it is done properly.

Engine being prepared for the turbo kit to be installed.

The IHI IS20 turbocharger needs to be modified in order to fit. Most of the modifications necessary are done to the compressor housing.

A flange adapter is welded onto the turbo’s exhaust housing so that the turbo can be bolted directly onto the cylinder head. Gen3/MQB engines do not have a separate exhaust manifold. Please note that the electronic wastegate actuator is retained, so that the engine computer can still control boost like on the stock turbo.

Custom downpipe is ready to fit. The stock one needs to be replaced because of the new turbo and high gas flow necessary from the exhaust.
The rest of the exhaust system was already upgraded.

Flashing the car with #Etuners custom ECU and DSG tunes, to finalize the recipe.

Upgrade specifications

  • 98RON fuel
  • Upgraded turbocharger kit: IHI IS20 from the VW Golf 7 GTI
  • Upgraded downpipe
  • Upgraded intake kit
  • Upgraded boost hoses
  • Etuners custom Stage3 ECU remap and
  • Etuners custom Stage3 DSG7 gearbox remap

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  • Antonio tavares Jr Posted August 22, 2019 10:10 pm

    Please let me buy this! We dont have anything like this here in Brazil!!

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