VW Polo 6C 1.0TSI 95hp - Etuners Stage2 95ron
Please meet the VW Polo 6C 1.0TSI Bluemotion. It has the smallest turbocharged engine in the Volkswagen/Audi group, both in number of cylinders -just 3- and in horsepower output. With just 95hp it needs a little bit of help to improve its performance. Specially because it is equipped with a super long gearbox. It is
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VW Polo GT 1.4 TSI 125hp - Etuners Stage1 ECU remap, tested on Dynojet
The new VW Polo GT 1.4 TSI125 (MY2016) gains almost 50hp with an Etuners Stage1 98RON. Upgrade specifications 98RON (available for 95RON as well) Etuners Stage1 ECU remap, flashed via the OBD2 port Performance results Maximum flywheel horsepower: 174hp (125hp as stock, based on the manufacturer’s claims), gains 49bhp Maximum flywheel torque: 272Nm (200Nm as
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The VW Polo GTI 1.8l Gen 3 is a potent little package from the factory. According to VW, the polo produces 141kw at the engine. On CV Performance rolling road dyno it managed a maximum of 115kw at the wheels, with the stock mapping. With a custom Stage1 tune power rose to 153kw. But that
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Excellent gains with a custom tune only for a very well priced car from VW! This MY2016 VW Polo GTi 1.8 tsi (SIM18) now with 145.8kw at the wheels. VW rates the Polo at 141kw at the engine. The owner drove the car virtually straight from the dealership to CV Performance. It had a total
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VW Polo 1.2tsi – Big turbo kit

It is not every day that we get to see a 1.2 TSI engine with a big turbo kit. Even less common is it to see a 1.2 TSI with a built engine and a huge turbo for its size. Why would anyone do it? For power of course. For making something different. And it
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VW Polo 1.2 TSI Stage 2 95RON

There is a lot of power to be squeezed out of the Polo 1.2 TSI engine. With a remap, the output power reaches levels of its bigger sisters and makes the car much more fun to drive! Upgrade specifications -Catback exhaust -Intake kit -ECU remap for 95RON The power gains are very noticeable on the
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