VW Polo 6C 1.0TSI 95hp - Etuners Stage2 95ron

Please meet the VW Polo 6C 1.0TSI Bluemotion. It has the smallest turbocharged engine in the Volkswagen/Audi group, both in number of cylinders -just 3- and in horsepower output. With just 95hp it needs a little bit of help to improve its performance. Specially because it is equipped with a super long gearbox. It is efficient on the highway but impossible to accelerate and overtake quickly.

There are two identical versions of the 1.0TSI engine: 95hp and 110hp. We thought we should assist the Lilliputian version by reducing backpressure, then proceeding with a tune. A cat-back exhaust system was installed with increased diameter, equipped with straight-through mufflers in the exact position and volume as the stock mufflers. The front of the exhaust and the catalytic converter remained the same,  to ensure conformity to environmental regulations and MOT checks.

A custom Etuners Stage2 was flashed onto the ECU, improving fuelling, ignition and allowing the engine to boost up to 1.2bars (from 0.6bar as stock).  A combined gain of 42hp was achieved and road performance is much better than stock now.

VW Polo 6C 1.0TSI 95hp - Etuners Stage2 95ron

Upgrade specifications

  • 95RON fuel
  • Upgraded cat-back exhaust (stock downpipe and catalytic converter)
  • Etuners Stage2 ECU remap

VW Polo 6C 1.0TSI 95hp - Etuners Stage2 95ron

Performance results

  • Maximum flywheel horsepower: 134 hp (measured stock as 92hp), gains 42hp
  • Maximum torque: 254 Nm (measured stock 192Nm), gains 62Nm

VW Polo 6C 1.0TSI 95hp - Etuners Stage2 95ron

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  • Peter davis Posted April 22, 2019 2:43 pm

    Could you tell me the cost for the stage 2 tune to a 1.0 2018 vw polo. I’m in Sydney

    • Stelios Alexandrakis Posted April 29, 2019 10:13 am

      Peter, you might have better chances in getting a quote by reaching our Sydney branch. sydney@e-tuners.com .

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