VW Polo 6C 1.0TSI 95hp - Etuners Stage2 95ron
Please meet the VW Polo 6C 1.0TSI Bluemotion. It has the smallest turbocharged engine in the Volkswagen/Audi group, both in number of cylinders -just 3- and in horsepower output. With just 95hp it needs a little bit of help to improve its performance. Specially because it is equipped with a super long gearbox. It is
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VW Golf 6R 2.0 TFSI DSG – Stage1

This MY2011 VW Golf Mk6 R with a DSG gearbox with a custom Stage 1 tune and no other modifications. As delivered the Golf managed to show 138kw at the wheels measured as 4wd. With just an etuners custom file, power rose to 174kw with up to 45kw gained in the midrange ! Upgrade specifications
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