VW Golf 7.5R 2.0TSI MY2018 – #Etuners Stage3 TTV5 + wmi

The TurboTechnics V5 is one of the largest hybrid turbos available for the Golf 7.5R. It is built for performance and at the same time, is very easy to install. To get this turbo to shine and make good power, very strict tuning conditions must be met. Apart from good fuel quality and the presence of water-methanol injection, the map sensors were also upgraded so that there is accurate control beyond 2bar. Which is the stock map sensor limit.
After the custom ECU and gearbox remap power rose to almost 500whp.

Upgrade specifications

– Methanol injection kit.
– Fuel 98RON.
– TTV5 Turbotechnics hybrid turbocharger
– Upgraded map sensors
– Upgraded Intercooler Wagner Tuning
– Upgraded Downpipe
– Cold air Intake kit
– Upgraded Chargepipe
– Upgraded HPFP, LOBA
– Custom #Etuners stage3 engine and gearbox calibrations

Performance results

-Maximum power at the wheels: 498whp
-Maximum torque at the wheels: 458wtq, measured on Dynojet in AWD


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