Audi TT 8N R32 DSG – Stage 1 98RON

R32 engines are very tunable. Even as completely stock, they gain a good amount of power just with an engine and DSG remap. This combined to the fact that the TT is the lightest platform in the group brings good street performance. The engine remap makes the ECU calibration more aggressive and the DSG remap
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Peugeot 508 1.6 HDI – Stage 1

Peugeot 508 comes with the Euro 5 version of 1.6 HDI engines, producing 112hp according to the manufacturer. It is a very fuel-efficient engine, primarily aimed towards low cost in transportation. However, for the 508 platform it lacks torque and the power curve makes the car very sleepy to drive. What is very good about
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Audi S8 4.0 TFSI – Stage1 98RON

We like Audi S8 4.0 TFSI! The performance out of it remapped is extraordinary no matter which platform it is on. The S8 is no exception to that rule. The Stage 1 ECU remap for 98RON improves the car’s performance significantly, gaining almost 0.6 seconds in 0-100km/h acceleration and a lot of power up to
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Mercedes CLA45 AMG – Stage 1 95RON

The Mercedes CLA45 AMG gains approximately 80-90hp flywheel from a stage 1 ECU remap on 98RON and approximately 60-70hp from 95RON. Performance wise this remap improves acceleration times significantly over stock. While Mercedes claims the stock power to be around 381hp / 280kW at the flywheel, rolling road dynos measure power to be significantly less. 
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BMW F30 316i – Stage 1 98 RON

It was about time for the BMW to get back into the game of the luxurius and sport sedans. At last the very well known 3-series became turbo in it’s gasoline engines in the whole range from the 316i to the M3. The 3-series starts from the 136hp in the 316i model equipped with the

Mini Paceman 1.6D – Stage 1

The Mini Paceman 1.6D is the 3door version of the Countryman and the Paceman of this article comes equipped with the 1.6 turbo diesel engine of the BMW-Mini corporation. The customer came to us with a parallel ECU module from the ebay that cost him almost the price of our remap. They claimed that he will gain almost