Mini Paceman 1.6D

The Mini Paceman 1.6D is the 3door version of the Countryman and the Paceman of this article comes equipped with the 1.6 turbo diesel engine of the BMW-Mini corporation. The customer came to us with a parallel ECU module from the ebay that cost him almost the price of our remap. They claimed that he will gain almost 25% of torque and 20% of horsepower. But the power gains were not even close.
In order to investigate the claims, we took a measurement with the parallel ecu as he came and after that completely stock. The results were almost the same. The gains with the piggiback module were 4PS in the whole range and 9Nm of torque. An hour later, with out remap on, the car got an extra 36ps and 50nm of torque in the whole range. The customer was initially a little bit confused with the results. But when he drove his car on the road things became very clear: he spent almost double the amount of money getting a piggiback ECU (for no reason at all) and then a remap to make the power he was initially promised.

Upgrade specifications

  • Stage 1 ECU remap

Performance results

  • Maximum power: 166 PS (130 PS measured stock, 134 PS with ebay parallel ecu)
  • Maximum torque: 410 Nm (360 Nm measured stock)


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