Audi TT 8N R32 DSG

R32 engines are very tunable. Even as completely stock, they gain a good amount of power just with an engine and DSG remap. This combined to the fact that the TT is the lightest platform in the group brings good street performance.
The engine remap makes the ECU calibration more aggressive and the DSG remap customizes the gearbox to blend smoothly with it.
Driving experience is greatly improved by customizing the gear shift points and remove the torque limiters from the gearbox.
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Upgrade specifications

  • 98RON fuel
  • Stage 1 ECU remap
  • DSG Stage1 remap[singlepic id=385 w= h= float=none]

Performance results

  • Maximum power at the wheels, measured as 4WD: 121.4 kW / 165.1 whp (measured 101 kW/137.4whp as stock), gains 20 kW / 27.2 whp


Many thanks to Etuners Sydney and C&V Performance!


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