The Peugeot Partner 1.6 HDI (also known as e-HDI) produces  68kW/92hp engine power. The manufacturer claims that its maximum torque is 215 Nm.
On the dyno the stock power was measured 97PS and stock torque 230Nm. Our goal for the remap was to see how much more power could be made out of its little turbo while maintaining the engine’s reliability. Unlike its larger sisters with 110+hp, the 92hp engine has power limitations because of the turbo’s compressor size.

Performance results after the remap

  • Maximum power: 117 PS (from 97 PS as stock), gains 20ps
  • Maximum torque: 270Nm (from 220 Nm as stock), gains 50Nm

The following graph shows power vs lambda values, with red showing results after the remap.

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