Peugeot 207 GT / Rallye / THP 1.6 Turbo – Stage 1


  • Stage 1 ECU upgrade
  • 98 / 100 octane fuel
  • Optional: Blowoff valve upgrade to VAG TFSI
Torque 296,7Nm @ 2805RPM (stock 240,0 Nm @ 2430RPM)
Power 193,8 Hp @ 5575 RPM (stock 151,6 Hp @ 6170RPM)
Power and torque have been corrected by  ISO1585

Designing the remap

The purpose of our stage 1 ECU remap was
to increase the EP6DT engine’s power, without making any mechanical modifications.
The car which was modified was completely stock.

For further power gains it is strongly recommended that further mechanical modifications be made first to increase the engine’s longevity.

Engine data

Engine code EP6DT
Engine Volume 1598 cc
Compression ratio 10,5 / 1
Maximum power 150 hp (110 kW) at 5800RPM
Maximum torque 250 Nm at 1400RPM
Injection technology Direct injection – Bosch MED17.4 management

Technical remarks

Fuel / Injection settings

The 207 GT / Rallye / THP 150 comforms to Euro 4 exhaust emission regulations. This means that because of the strict regulations in effect
in member-states of the European Union, the engine has to produce limited emissions. Which in turn means that the ECU has got to use
lean mixture and get very high exhaust temperatures as a result.

With the stock ECU mapping, the Air to Fuel Ratio is only 14.7:1 in the biggest part of the revolutions range and almost 13.5:1 near the rev limiter.

This AFR combined with boost generated by the turbo, result in high exhaust temperatures exceeding 1000 degrees C in the exhaust manifold.
While these settings are necessary for the car to get type approval, they also shorten the life of the turbo, the engine cover, the pistons and possibly the exhaust manifold.


The stock ECU mapping requests 0.65bar of (relative) boost, holding approximately 0.5bars
through the largest part of the rev range, falling to 0.4bars
at the rev limiter.

Throttle control

Because the stock throttle pedal mapping slows down its control for reducing fuel consumption, the throttle pedal has a rather slow response.

Stage 1 ECU remap modifications

Because of the above technical remarks, the stock ECU mapping was modified accordingly:
1. Injection and AFR settings were enrichened at full throttle. The new settings made it possible to have approximately 900 degrees C at 1.2bars of boost,
instead of 1000+ C at 0.65 bars.
This helps the turbo maintain its longevity by reducing the thermal stress ad the extremely high temperatures it has to withstand.
In closed loop conditions, for example while driving in the city or on the highway, the stock fuel consumption was maintained.

2. Boost was raised to 1.2bar overboost, gradually falling to 0.8bars. The new boost settings are very close the 207 RC’s stock boost, with safer
fueling mapping.

3. The stock ignition timing was modified.

4. The throttle pedal mapping was modified. Its latency was reduced and it was remapped to accomodate the newly available torque because of
the boost increase.

Stock over Stage 1 comparison

Stock ECU Etuners Stage 1
Boost 0.65 / 0.50 bar 1.20 / 0.80 bar
Maximum torque 250 Nm 296,7 Nm
Maximum power 150 Bhp 193,8 Bhp


  • Laurent Lemaire Posted January 16, 2019 2:06 am

    Hello, how much is a stage 1 for a 207 THP 150 first model 2006?

    • Stelios Alexandrakis Posted January 27, 2019 12:25 am

      Hi Laurent! You can contact us via email to get a quotation for a remap. Thank you!

  • Κιμωνας Κλαρος Posted November 10, 2019 12:54 pm

    Γεια σάς έχω ένα peygeot 207 gt με τα 150 άλογα φοράω ένα φίλτρο μανιτάρι και έχω αφαιρέσει τ μεσαίο καζανάκι κ φοράει ένα τελικο θα ήθελα να να μάθω πόσο κοστίζει ένας προγγραματισμος και λέω πριν κάνω το πρόγραμμα να βάλω και το down pipe ελευθέρας και πόσο περίπου πιστεύεται θα φτάσει

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