Peugeot 207 GT 1.6THP - #Etuners Stage4 Hybrid turbo + boubis cams

Peugeot 207 GT 1.6THP – #Etuners Stage4 hybrid 98RON

Hybrid turbo solutions are becoming very popular in the THP world. The obstacle in achieving big power using the stock engine electronics and the available turbo solutions in the market is that the boost control system cannot cope with boost levels above 1.55bar. After extensive studying, planning and mechanical modifications carried out with the help of Pavlidis Competition, the THP boost control system was remodeled from scratch.
The software modifications implemented into the car’s Bosch MED17.4 engine management system allow for the full control of boost-controlled wastegated turbos, above 1.55bar. The result is a hybrid turbo that operates at 1.8bar at mid rpm, dropping to 1.5bar at the rev limiter, producing a little bit over 350bhp.

Peugeot 207 GT 1.6THP - #Etuners Stage4 Hybrid turbo + boubis cams

Upgrade specifications

– 98RON fuel
– 1.6THP with upgraded pistons and connecting rods (Pavlidis Competition)
– Cold air intake kit (Pavlidis Competition)
– Hybrid turbo (Pavlidis Competition)
– Upgraded camshafts (Boubis cams)
– Upgraded full exhaust
– Upgraded intercooler
– Upgraded injectors
– #Etuners Stage4 custom ECU remap

Peugeot 207 GT 1.6THP - #Etuners Stage4 Hybrid turbo + boubis cams

For more information with regards to tuning your Peugeot, please do not hesitate to contact us. Big shoutouts to Pavlidis Competition and the owner of the car for allowing us to do this!


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  • Aaron Posted July 1, 2019 9:49 pm

    Impressive tune you have done there. May i know the specs of the turbo and what upgraded injectors that were installed on the car? Thanks

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