Citroen DS4 THP200 1.6T – Stage1 98Ron

THP200 is a great engine for the DS4, specially when its hidden potential is unveiled with a performance remap. Combining the RCZ turbo and a front mount ic, the DS4 with THP200 comes ready for a stage 1 ECU remap. Etuners FlasherTHP reflashing technology allows the owner to reflash the ECU via OBD with our remaps, whether it be for a stage1 or higher.

Remapping the DS4 Racing has now become very easy.

Upgrade specifications

  • 98RON fuel (THP200 loves higher octane fuel types)
  • Etuners stage 1 ECU remap, available to reflash via OBD with FlasherTHP

Performance results

  • Maximum power: 232PS (measured 202PS as stock), gains 30PS
  • Maximum torque: 350Nm (measured 300Nm as stock), gains 50Nm