BMW M3 E92 4.0i – Custom Etuners Stage2 for E85

Naturally aspirated M-series model owners have traditionally had very few options for upgrading the cars to produce significantly more power than stock. Even with an upgraded exhaust and intake kit, any M-division engine already produces quite a lot of power. Which is even more true for S65 V8. Regardless of tuner, the gains are not very big.
This can all change by using ethanol blended fuel types. Ethanol fuels available today, with their awesome high octane rating and anti-knock properties, were not available to the M-division back then when they designed and tuned this car. They are not even available across all European countries to the day, still.

After experimenting on dyno and adjusting the engine tune, a new custom calibration was completed that allows the engine to run on E70-E85 blends and produce very good power above stock. With a gain of 31kw at the wheels, it gives a new push to the power output of the motor without compromising safety.

Upgrade specifications

  • Fuel type upgraded from 98RON to E85
  • Upgraded intake kit
  • Upgraded exhaust
  • #Etuners custom Stage2 for Ethanol blends

Performance results

  • Maximum power at the wheels: 275.1 wkw (measured stock with upgraded parts at 244wkw on 98RON), gains 31wkw


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