BMW M3 E92 V8 - Etuners Stage2 98RON
  This immaculate M3 was delivered with an upgraded exhaust with hi flow cats. A pre tune run was made resulting in a impressive 255wkw. An Etuners custom file was calibrated increasing peak power to 272wkw. Throttle response was vastly improved along with a small increase in rev limit and vmax removal for use at
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BMW 335i E92 N54 – Stage1 98RON

BMW 335i N54 with an Etuners custom tune only. The 07 BMW 335i N54 twin turbo is rated at 225kw (306hp) with a 0-100kph of 5.7secs. This car dynoed stock at 170.8kw (232 whp) at the wheels. With the installation of an custom Etuners Stage1 tune, power rose by 44kw to 214.2kw (291 whp). This
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