BMW 114i F20 1.6T – #Etuners Stage1 95RON

When a car manufacturer creates different versions of the same car using software restrictions, this presents us with a fantastic opportunity: to bring back the gains that were removed via software to make it a really bad model. The BMW 114i F20 is exactly that car: Sharing the very same engine and hardware with its stronger sister, the 116i, it can be tuned to reach the same potential as the 116i.


Upgrade specifications

  • 95RON fuel
  • #Etuners Stage1 ECU remap
  • Completely stock hardware


Performance results

  • Maximum engine power: 207hp (measured stock 123.7hp), gains 87hp over stock
  • Maximum engine torque: 317Nm (measured stock 221Nm), gains 96Nm over stock


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