BMW M135i F22 - Etuners Stage2 98RON

BMW M135i F20 – Stage2 98RON

Upgrade specifications 98RON fuel Upgraded downpipe with a sports cat installed Etuners Stage2 ECU remap. Flashed via OBD2.    Performance results Maximum power at the wheels: 267.2kW (measured stock 208.4kW), gains 59.2kW
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BMW M135i F22 - Etuners Stage1 98RON

BMW M135i F20 – Stage1 98RON

Upgrade specifications 98RON fuel Etuners Stage1 ECU remap. Flashed via the OBD2 port.     Performance results Maximum wheel power: 233.2 kW (measured stock as 203.9kW), gains 29.3kW
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BMW 135i series M F20 on dyno @ Etuners
The BMW 135i series M F20 features a N55 3.0 L straight 6 turbo engine that is very tunable. Calibrating the engine setup for an endurance race is a slow process, that requires a lot of time spent on the rolling road. Even more so when a 6hour race it coming up: The Hi-Tec Oils Bathurst
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BMW F20 116D 1.6T – Stage 1

The new BMW F20 116D with 1.6 turbo diesel 4cylinder engine from BMW gets good power and torque gains with our stage 1 remap. The car gains 40Nm mid range and 33hp overall. Upgrade speficications Stock hardware Stage 1 ECU remap for the stock ECU (EDC17)   Performance results Maximum power: 153.5 PS @ 3300 RPM (120.5 PS as
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BMW F20 Etuners Stage 1

BMW 116i 1.6T F20 – Stage 1 98RON

The BMW 116i 1.6T F20 produces around 136hp, based on the manufacturer’s claims. In reality, the stock power output is much higher. On the dyno it makes about 150hp, which is expected based on the calibration settings and its turbo size. This engine comes with the Valvetronic system on the cylinder head, controlling valve lift