In 2017 BMW recently introduced its 3 cylinder 1.5 liter diesel engine on the 116 F20 LCI. Replacing the previous models that had 1.6 liters on four cylinders, it does not seem to have lost much of its power despite being a cylinder short.
On dyno it produced 108whp on the stock map. A custom #Etuners Stage1 ECU remap was developed and installed. With the Stage1 tune power climbed to 135whp, on stock hardware.

Upgrade specifications

  • Stock hardware
  • #Etuners Stage1 ECU remap for BMW EDC17

Performance results

  • Maximum power at the wheels: 135whp (measured 108.4whp stock), gains 27whp
  • Maximum torque at the wheels: 246 ft*lbs (measured stock 210.5 ft*lbs), gains 35.5 ft*lbs