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This is an Audi TT Gen3/MQB 2.0 TFSI DSG6/DQ250 with a CTS Turbo Boss500 kit, which utilises the Garrett GTX2867 turbocharger. A Water-methanol injection kit together with 98RON complete the package for making good power on all 4 wheels.

The Boss500 CTS turbo kits have a nasty habit of not boosting and working very well with the stock wastegate actuator. The kit comes without one and requires for the stock electronic wastegate to be removed from the stock turbo and installed on the boss500 kit.

What makes this process very difficult and almost impossible to complete is that the wastegate has to be setup in a way that it completes adaptation via the ECU and at the same time is tight enough to hold boost at high rpm. If it is too stiff (tightened too much) or too loose (not tightened enough), it will either fail as being stuck all the time or not hold boost at high rpm.

This is the reason why we removed the electronic wastegate altogether. Instead, we used a traditional pneumatic wastegate actuator. Combined with an electronic boost controller, this provides selectable boost levels to the driver.

This Audi TT can select between being driven at Low boost for everyday driving and High boost for racing.

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Apart from our custom ECU remap that was completed on dyno, the gearbox was also reflashed with an Etuners Stage3 DSG remap so that the clutches would hold the power and not slip. Doing so, we were able to exceed 600Nm of torque with no clutch slip.

Upgrade specifications

  • 98RON + Water/methanol injection for high boost settings
  • Turbocharger upgrade: CTS Turbo – Boss 500 kit (Mechanical wastegate upgrade+boost controller)
  • Upgraded exhaust
  • Etuners Stage3 ECUremap
  • Etuners Stage3 DSG remap

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Performance results

  • Maximum flywheel power: 494hp (measured at low boost 413hp)
  • Maximum flywheel torque: 665Nm (measured at low boost 503Nm)

The car was tested both at low and high boost to check the different power levels that can be achieved either with 98RON only (low boost) and with 98RON + WMI (high boost).

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