Do you want a solution to send your RS3’s performance deep into the supercar region? RPC has a big turbo kit that works wonders, even on a completely stock engine and gearbox.

Audi RS3 8v.2 2.5TFSI + RPC850 turbo kit
Built by @SVP.AE
Tuned by the best tuner @e_tuners, custom #Etuners Stage3 ECU and DSG calibrations

Upgrade specifications
Fuel: 98RON + WMI

Stock engine and DSG transmission
Stock fueling and throttle elbow

RPC850 turbo kit

RPC Intercooler

Custom Catback

Aquamist Water methanol injection

Performance results

100-200km/h in 5.08s (measured with dragy)

Seats and spare tire only removed
(Stock tires and wheels, stock battery)

Special thanks to:
@etunersuae @etuners.brisbane @etuners.australia
@cool_runnings_engineering_cre for the perfect Aquamist Kit.
@rpc_motorsport for the best turbo kit in market.