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Vw Scirocco 1.4 Tsi160 – Stage 2 97RON

Twincharged 1.4 TSI engines are very tunable. Specially the second generation of engines, that is fitted onto the Scirocco and Golf 6 1.4 TSI, have excellent potential for more horsepower through remapping. An upgraded exhaust system helps with reducing exhaust gas backpressure and making the turbo more efficient, even in the hot and humid climatic conditions in South-East Asia.

Upgrade specifications

  • 97RON fuel
  • Upgraded downpipe
  • Etuners Stage2 ECU remap (flashable either by OBD or bench flashing)

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Performance results (measured on a Dynojet rolling road dyno)

  • Maximum wheel horsepower: 192 whp (measured 157whp as stock ), gains 35whp
  • Maximum wheel torque: 309 Nm (measured 231Nm as stock), gains 78Nm

Many thanks to Ac Motorsport!


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