In the tuning world it is very common to see aftermarket part manufacturers come up with solutions for well known problems. For different technical reasons the IHI IS38 (stock turbo for the Audi S3 8V, the VW Golf 7R and Seat Leon Cupra) became known as a turbo that often fails. Quite a few owners found the turbine wheel broken and wanting to escape via their exhausts.
Rather than fix what was broken, most companies aimed for installing larger frame turbos onto the stock compressor and turbine housings to make them a direct fit.

Very recently and 6 years into the game, something quite strange happened: Garrett decided to play the hybrid turbo game by presenting its own #Powermax turbos. They come in two flavors: Stage1, that is slightly larger than an is38 and Stage2, if you plan on going for big power. It is the first time a turbo manufacturer of the size of Garrett has decided to produce parts for the tuning market.

To make things more interesting, they went a step further. With their new turbos they are offering turbo rev gauges. So that you can monitor shaft speed rpm and avoid over-spinning the wheels, instead of just watching for overboost on a boring old boost gauge. And they have warned us to stay under 185k RPM for the Stage1 turbo. Keeping the turbo healthy becomes easy.

We spent a considerable amount of time optimising @garrettmotion ‘s #powermax stage 1 turbocharger upgrade for the #ea888gen3 motor. Whilst our shaft speed preferences remain proprietary information, we are nowhere near the max shaft speed suggested by #garrett. This is to prevent high turbine inlet pressure, and keep the turbo/owner happy for warranty side of things. With very basic upgrades, we are pleased with the result with straight 98ron. More data/feedback to be collected as the turbo undergo the real world test. Big thanks to @etuners_brisbane

Completely Stock:
➡️ 177awkw / 237whp

After the tune with:
@e_tuners #customtune + Garrett Powermax Stage 1 + upgraded hardware
➡️ 270awkw / 362whp (+125whp above stock)

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