VW Golf 7R 2.0 TSI Stage2+ Race version @ Subzero Motorsport, tuned by Etuners.AE


Etuners.AE and Subzero have developed a very quick Golf 7R, based on the stock 7R engine and turbo.On December 9th 2016 it became the quickest Golf 7R in the world with a stock turbo at the Yas Marina dragstrip in Abu Dhabi, doing 11.21sec for the quartermile.

The car is using an Etuners custom stage2+ Race ECU remap that was developed on dyno in Dubai to fit the enviroment and temperatures. In order to make the most out of its setup, remove the torque limiters, optimize the shift points, increase clutch pressure to avoid slipping, the DSG gearbox is also tuned with an Etuners Stage2 TCU remap. This remap also allows it to have optimized boosted launch control for helping it with a good 60ft time.


Upgrade specifications

  • Cold air intake kit
  • Upgraded full exhaust
  • Stock IS38 turbocharger
  • Stock 2.0 TSI Gen3 EA888 engine
  • Race fuel (104+ Ron)
  • Water-methanol injection
  • Upgraded intercooler
  • Etuners Stage2+ custom race ECU remap
  • Etuners Stage2 DSG remap

Performance results

  • Maximum power (Mustang dyno): 414 whp

Shoutouts to Etuners.AE and SubZero Motorsport!

VW Golf 7R 2.0 TSI Stage2+ Race version @ Subzero Motorsport, tuned by Etuners.AE

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