Skoda Octavia VRS A7 2.0 TSI Gen3 – Stage 3 IS38 turbo kit


Upgrading the Skoda Octavia VRS A7 Gen3 with an IS38 is an excellent solution for big power without compromises. It is the next step after remapping the car with a Stage1 or Stage 2 ECU remap. The power gains are very big and the process is very simple. All this with a completely bolt on Golf 7R turbo replacement to the IS20, which is the stock turbo unit on the VRS. To further improve the IS38 turbo’s performance, an upgraded intercooler, cold air intake kit and upgraded exhaust are strongly recommended.

Upgrade specifications

  • 98RON fuel
  • IS38 turbo kit (Golf 7R turbo)
  • Cold air intake kit
  • Upgraded Front mount intercooler
  • Upgraded exhaust
  • Etuners stage 3 ECU remap for IS38

[singlepic id=537 w= h= float=none]

Performance results

  • Maximum horsepower: 360 whp (426hp Dynojet flywheel power estimate)
  • Maximum torque: 517Nm at the wheels

[singlepic id=547 w= h= float=none]

Many thanks to Etuners in Krasnodar !


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