There is a good reason why all the Gen3 engines from Seat gain a lot of power just with a remap. Better engine components and the completely redesigned turbo system make it possible to produce more power compared to Gen2 engines, with much better reliability.
The Seat Leon 1.4 TSI 122hp Gen3 MQB is no exception to the rule. Although in theory it is one of its less powerful siblings, together with the 1.2 TSI, they rise up to considerably higher power with a little bit of tweaking.
Following the “If it works well, don’t fix it” dogma, the Cylinder On Demand system is left as is in the stock ECU calibration.  So you can expect your fuel consumption to be pretty much the same when cruising and driving in the city.

Upgrade specifications

  • 95RON fuel
  • Stage 1 ECU remap for 95RON

Performance results

  • Maximum horsepower (at the wheel hubs):  144whp (118whp measured as stock), gains 26 whp
  • Maximum torque (at the wheel hubs): 25 Kgm (21 Kgm measured as stock), gains 4 Kgm

Shoutouts to MaxTuning!